3 Tips For Healthy Winter Skin

Tips For Healthy Winter Skin

3 Tips For Healthy Winter Skin – Dry Skin in Winter

Why does our skin get dry in the winter?

Dry skin is caused by a lowered humidity during the winter months. Indoor heating also lowers humidity, sucking moisture from the skin. Over-exposure to hot water along  with detergent-based soaps can contribute to dryness as well.

60-70% of the population suffers from dry skin.

For Real?

When fighting winter dryness, Loading up on moisturizing is pointless unless it’s combined with a deep exfoliation.
Exfoliation removes dead cells from the surface of the skin so moisturizers can better absorb into the skin.
A one-step peel will sluff off those dead skin cells to reveal the glowing skin hiding below.

Bump Up The Vitamins

4 Essential Nutrients to Combat Dry Skin

Treat dry skin from the inside out ! By using products that contain these nutrients and by eating more of them, you can fight dry winter skin.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Omega-3s boost hydration.
Find them in salmon & walnuts

Vitamin C
Regenerates Vitamin E and protects against UV damage.

Antioxidants fight aging & lightly moisturize.

Vitamin A
Reduce age spots and treats sun damage.

Ditch Your Drying Cleanser

Get Soft, Skin With Skinceuticals
Swap out your warm-weather foaming cleanser for something creamy like the Skinceuticals Cleansing Cream. The Alpha-hydoxy acids remove dead skin cells and the comfrey extract soothes skin. The skinceuticals Phloretin CF vitamin serum contains high volumes of vitamin C to prevent aging and UV damage.


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