Dr. Muhammad Tahir Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Surgeon in Lahore


  • Dr. Muhammad Tahir Cosmetic Surgeon Lahore

    1981MBBS Allama Medical College Lahore, Pakistan

    1981-1987 Surgical Rotation Nishtar Hospital Multan, Pakistan

    1988-1990 Surgical Rotation Salford Royal Infirmary/ Hope Hospital, Salford UK

    1990-1991 Fellowship Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh UK
    Fellowship Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Glasgow UK

    1992-1995 Assistant Professor of Surgery, Nishtar Medical College Multan, Pakistan

    1995-1998 Plastic Surgery Job, Exeter, Salisbury, Bristol UK
    Clinical Attachment with Dr Baroudi /Dr Ewaldo São Paulo Brazil

    1998-to date Practice as Cosmetic Surgeon / Hair Transplant Surgeon and Aesthetic Laser Specialist

    Have the honour of working with world fame aesthetic cosmetic surgeon in Lahore Established first cosmetic surgery clinic / laser skin clinic as a speciality in Lahore, Pakistan Introduced Ultrasonic liposuction in Pakistan Have the pride of thousands of satisfied clients from all walks, helped in restoring the self image and confidence Have the pleasure of helping needy people

    More About Dr. Muhammad Tahir Cosmetic Surgeon in Lahore

    Laser Praxis was started in 1998, by Dr. Muhammad Tahir cosmetic surgeon, with the mission to provide world class cosmetic surgery procedures to the people of Pakistan in general and Lahore and suburbs in particular. With time, however, Laser Praxis gained international reputation and prestige for the quality of work provided.

    Dr. Muhammad Tahir cosmetic surgeon, after having completed his FRCS, both from Edinburgh and Glasgow, resorted to getting trained in some of the best cosmetic surgery centres in the world. With initial training in the UK, he went to USA and then to Brazil, the mecca of Cosmetic Surgery and in the process, learned the best techniques from the best of the best in the field.

    At the time of his return, the field of cosmetic surgery was in a primitive stage in Pakistan. There were many plastic surgery centres in the country but the bulk of the work being performed was in reconstructive surgery. As a result, there was a vast population with the need for a person to perform cosmetic surgery procedures.

    Human beings have a general tendency of being able to look good. Obese people want to get rid of the extra fat. Bald people want to grow hair. Absence of services that can help people look their best, has a huge psychosocial impact.

    Having realized this fact by working in the developed societies of the world, Dr. Muhammad Tahir cosmetic surgeon in Lahore decided to become the pioneer of cosmetic surgery in Pakistan and to offer the help of advancements in Medical Science and his skill, thereby helping people who wanted to improve their self image and thus move and excel with confidence in the society.

    With a humble beginning in a consultation room in a beauty parlour, Dr. Muhammad Tahir cosmetic surgeon then moved on to establish Laser Praxis. He was also the first to introduce Ultrasonic Liposuction, a technique in which fat under the skin is melted through ultrasound waves and then sucked out. This minimally invasive technique enabled removal of a huge amount of fat in a short span of time and a very reduced hospital stay and absence from work.

    Laser Praxis is continuing to provide these world class services both in invasive and non invasive fields. Laser hair removal, hair transplant, face lifts, blephroplasty, liposuction, breast reshaping, breast reduction and augmentation are some of the treatments offered at this centre. With the recent joining of Dr. Nauman Gill (FCPS) Plastic Surgeon, and Dr. Sana Younas Consultant Dermatologist, the team at Laser Praxis has gained another well trained and agile team member.

    We have a mission to provide world class cosmetic help to the people of Pakistan and our satisfied and growing clientele is a testimony to the fact that we are succeeding in our mission.