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A-PRP and Hair Loss

Natural and Effective

Platelet Rich Plasma Naturally You.

Principles Of A-PRP

Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (A-PRP) is a natural therapy that exploits the regenerative potential contained in our platelets, in order to induce tissue repair and new tissue generation.

A-PRP induces generation of the hair bulb environment, increasing blood supply and enhancing hair follicle cell proliferation, resulting in stronger, nicer hairs.

In stimulating the hair bulb environment, A-PRP provokes a natural process that results in strengthened hairs. It’s natural and “autologous (prepared with your own cells)” quality excludes side effects.

PRP Hair Loss Treatment Lahore

Is A-PRP Treatment Right For ME?

Two major alopecia types affects the population:

The Androgenic Alopecia, the most common cause of hair loss due to hormonal imbalances, lack of nutrients or diseases, treatment is challenging and previous therapies demonstrated low-effectiveness or side effects.

The Alopecia Areata, a rare autoim-mune disease causing spot baldness.

In both condition, A-PRP proved effective when:

  • Androgenic Alopecia: Male and Female patients from initial to intermediate stages – I to V on the Norwood scale (from stage VI to VII, A-PRP is used to help the follicle grafts survival).
  • Alopecia Areata: Female and Male patients, showing excellent results in most cases.

The Protocole (A-PRP Preparation & Injection)

Performing A-PRP requires just a few milliliter of blood. The sample is centrifuged to concentrate the patient’s platelets in a little amount of plasma. This is then injected through a thin needle in the skin of the scalp.

Decreases Hair Loss | More Volume | Batter Hair Quality

Natural Process PRP Hair Treatment

Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (A-PRP) injections rely on a technique both simple and safe. Using the regenerative and healing properties of platelets. Platelets have the ability to locally release growth factors, small molecules that act as messengers to initiate the process of cellular regenerative.

From a small sample of blood, your physician isolates your platelets with a dedicated kit for the preparation of Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma. The A-PRP is ready to be injected in 10 minutes.

Prepared from your own blood, it is a natural product; the risk of rejection or allergic reactions is minimized.

Hair Loss PRP Treatment

A-PRP injections in the scalp stimulate bulb cells at base of the hair and the surrounding microcirculation.

Vitality, color and brightness of your hair are enhanced; their loss is slowed and their growth is activated.

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PRP Hair Loss Treatment Lahore PRP Hair Loss Treatment in Lahore, Pakistan, canada